Allison Whyatt

Allison Whyatt

Name and involvement with the Port River Dolphins?

Allison Whyatt (or “Miss Ally” on Facebook) and I am a volunteer for the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group and Secretary for the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group Steering Committee.

Where do you come from?

Born and Bred as a girl from Craigmore, South Australia and moved into the Port area with my Partner for the past 2- 3 Years

For how long have you been working with the ADS?

I have been out taking pictures since moving around the port, but only started volunteering with the Action Group Since February 2013

Your job and hobbies?

I work two jobs, Six days a week.
One job is in Administration and weekends as a Bar Person and now currently studying Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal).
My hobbies are learning what Me and my camera can do (Also involved with the Port Adelaide Camera Club) and……… Dolphins (now my obsession!)

That crazy/special/weird thing you did?

Crazy, yes for working so many hours, special, not enough time in a day for anything special yet, Weird = Habit of tripping up anywhere I go = Accidental Ally!